“This session presented a broad spectrum of useful and thought-provoking content that has significantly impacted my approach to SEND leadership. It was packed with relevant information aimed at not just meeting Ofsted expectations but truly enhancing the quality of our SEND provision.”

Bobbie Young – Head of Upper School, Pembridge Hall

Discover the transformative power of leadership in SEND provision with our bespoke INSET session designed for SENCOs, Heads, and SEND leaders. This session is crafted to empower leaders in the education sector to excel in Ofsted inspections through strategic communication, comprehensive understanding of educational contexts, and robust curriculum design.

SEND Provision Key Session Highlights:

  • Strategic Communication with Stakeholders: Learn the art of effective communication across the spectrum of stakeholders – from local authority representatives and governors to parents, teachers, and pupils. Understand how to disseminate information and expertise, empowering your team to confidently support pupils with additional needs.
  • In-depth Understanding of Your Context: Dive deep into how Ofsted perceives your educational setting, leveraging the latest data and insights. Master the analysis of Inspection Data Summary Reports and ensure your strategies align with the most current information, acknowledging the nuances of intersectionality and external agency collaboration.
  • Curriculum Provision and Adaptation: Explore strategies for aligning your SEND provision with curriculum leads, ensuring adaptations meet the diverse needs of pupils. Gain insights into leveraging prior inspection feedback to enhance your curriculum design.
  • Evidence-Based Impact Assessment: Uncover techniques for evaluating the effectiveness of your SEND interventions through pupil work reviews, pupil voice, and other robust evidence sources. Learn to utilise this information for staff training, curriculum adjustments, and goal setting to aspire towards higher achievements.
  • Staff Support and Development: Delve into methods for enhancing staff confidence and expertise through targeted training, coaching, and mentoring. Evaluate the impact of these initiatives on classroom provision and student outcomes.
  • Personal Action Planning: Conclude the session by crafting a personalised action plan tailored to advance your provision and ensure it is inspection-ready. This plan will serve as a roadmap for implementing sustained improvements in your SEND leadership and provision.

Why book this training?

  • Equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate Ofsted inspections with confidence.
  • Enhance your leadership skills in communicating effectively with all stakeholders involved in SEND provision.
  • Ensure your curriculum and interventions are designed with the latest insights and are adaptive to meet the needs of all pupils.
  • Develop a strategic approach to assessing and demonstrating the impact of your SEND provision.
  • Create a personalised action plan to guide your journey towards outstanding SEND leadership.

SEND Provision Consultation

If you would like further support, or follow up sessions, these can be arranged via our team. There is also the option of commissioning SEND leadership support. This could be done prior to the INSET day, to identify areas of focus. Alternatively it could be booked for a time after the training, to allow you to evidence the impact achieved and set a course for future SEND improvement.

Contact our team to arrange an ‘SEND Provision Consultation’ to inform your team & assist with self evaluation and improvement planning.


Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your SEND provision and lead with vision and purpose towards an outstanding Ofsted rating. Sign up today and make a lasting impact in the lives of pupils with SEND.

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