“After attending the PSHE INSET, I was able to critically evaluate our school’s PSHE provision with a new lens. The insights into Ofsted’s expectations and the practical case studies presented were eye-opening. We’ve since revamped our curriculum to ensure it’s not only compliant with statutory requirements but is also engaging and impactful for our students. This training provided the direction we needed to elevate our PSHE education to a level that we’re not just ready for Ofsted but are truly making a difference in our students’ lives.”

Georgina Reynolds, PSHE Lead

Elevating Your School’s Provision to Outstanding PSHE Curriculum Outcomes for Ofsted

In light of Ofsted’s intensified focus on Personal, Social, Health & Economic (PSHE) education, including the statutory aspects of Relationships, Sex, and Health Education (RSHE), our INSET is designed to equip school leaders with the knowledge and tools to ensure an outstanding PSHE curriculum and that the leadership in PSHE is inspection-ready.

This immersive one-day INSET is meticulously designed for school leaders aiming to elevate their PSHE provision. Navigating through the intricacies of PSHE education, this session is pivotal for leaders striving to ensure their curriculum not only meets but surpasses Ofsted’s meticulous criteria.

The importance of PSHE in the current Ofsted framework has been highlighted by case studies from the PSHE Association. The INSET delves deep into the essence of PSHE, offering strategic insights and tools to significantly enhance your school’s readiness for Ofsted inspections. By integrating PSHE effectively, leaders will discover how to present a robust case for the Personal Development judgement, showcasing the profound impact of PSHE on students’ growth and readiness for the wider world.

Moreover, the session illuminates the critical role of PSHE in fulfilling statutory obligations, encompassing SMSC development and the nuances of safeguarding education. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of how PSHE intertwines with broader educational mandates, ensuring a well-rounded and compliant educational experience.

In a nurturing and collaborative setting, attendees will engage with peers, sharing experiences and strategies, while also benefiting from expert guidance. The INSET wraps up with a consolidation of essential takeaways and resources, laying the groundwork for ongoing enhancement and success in PSHE provision.

Designed for both the novice and the experienced, this INSET is a cornerstone for any leader looking to refine their PSHE strategy and cultivate an environment where every student thrives.

Empower your students for life beyond the classroom with an Outstanding PSHE curriculum that exceeds Ofsted’s expectations.

INSET Key Objectives

  • Understanding Ofsted’s Focus: Gain insights into the areas Ofsted prioritises in PSHE education and how to align your school’s curriculum with these expectations.
  • Curriculum Design and Delivery: Learn how to structure a comprehensive, age-appropriate PSHE curriculum that meets statutory RSHE guidelines and supports student well-being.
  • Showcasing Best Practices: Explore case studies and testimonials from schools that have excelled in their PSHE provision during Ofsted inspections.
  • Evidence of Impact: Discover how to document and present evidence of your PSHE program’s effectiveness in fostering personal development among students.
  • Strategic Planning for PSHE: How to review curriculum planning, sequencing and training so that PSHE is incorporated effectively into typical classroom practice.
  • Navigating Sensitive Topics: Tips for creating a safe learning environment for discussing challenging content.

Who Should Attend:

  • Senior Leadership Teams
  • PSHE (RSHE) Subject Leads
  • Teachers and Facilitators of PSHE

Booking the session:

Contact our team to arrange a booking for this training session


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