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Carole Baber, Bedford Sixth Form College


• Are you looking to developing the levels of Independence and resilience in your pupils?

• Do you want to develop more self-reliant leaners who take more initiative and responsibility for their own learning?

• Do you need an innovative and in-depth guide to successful learning?

• Would you like some strategies and tasks to boost pupil motivation and independence?

• Do you want to re-focus student attention on the skills needed for lifelong learning and achievement?


Establishing Excellent Attitudes to Learning across the school and in the classroom


• What are the characteristics of the most effective learners?
• Does this work? What does the research say?
• Changing attitudes to learning across the school (remember the Parents!)
• Visible learning from failure
• Encouraging risk taking and resilience in pupils
• Culture shift to help reduce teacher talk

Toolkit for Building Independent learning into your curriculum


• Planning and creating effective resources to encourage independence
• Project planning
• Using the classroom environment effectively
• Sustaining momentum with reusable resources
• Training and upskilling your students in preparation for the shift
• Modifying your own practice and the language of the classroom


Strategies and techniques to unlock learning potential in all pupils


• Stimulating intellectual curiosity and student-led research
• Developing an autonomous and enquiring critical disposition
• Techniques to support independent and reflective learning
• Student self-assessment strategies
• Engaging review, revision and AfL techniques for school and home

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