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Carole Baber, Bedford Sixth Form College

Independent learning is a method or process of learning that gives students ownership and control over their own growth. The student who independently learns controls, oversees, and assesses their own learning process, and gains knowledge from their deeds, informing further growth and direction.

  • Are you looking to developing the levels of Independence and resilience in your pupils?
  • Do you want to develop more self-reliant leaners who take more initiative and responsibility for their own learning?
  • Do you need an innovative and in-depth guide to successful learning?
  • Would you like some strategies and tasks to boost pupil motivation and independence?
  • Do you want to re-focus student attention on the skills needed for lifelong learning and achievement?

Establishing Excellent Attitudes to Learning across the school and in the classroom

  • What are the characteristics of the most effective learners?
  • Does this work? What does the research say?
  • Changing attitudes to learning across the school (remember the Parents!)
  • Visible learning from failure
  • Encouraging risk taking and resilience in pupils
  • Culture shift to help reduce teacher talk

Toolkit for Building Independent learning into your curriculum

  • Planning and creating effective resources to encourage independence
  • Project planning
  • Using the classroom environment effectively
  • Sustaining momentum with reusable resources
  • Training and upskilling your students in preparation for the shift
  • Modifying your own practice and the language of the classroom

Strategies and techniques to unlock learning potential in all pupils

  • Stimulating intellectual curiosity and student-led research
  • Developing an autonomous and enquiring critical disposition
  • Techniques to support independent and reflective learning
  • Student self-assessment strategies
  • Engaging review, revision and formative techniques for school and home

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