Challenging able Biology students to reach their true potential

“Really worthwhile and applicable, felt like I was actually learning something!”

Jack White-Foy, Dulwich College

  • Does your Biology teaching really stretch the most able students?
  • How do we teach our students independence and resilience?
  • Are your students ready to face the challenge of the new more applied style questions?
  • How do we embed higher order thinking skills in our students?
  • Does your department prepare students effectively for Medical applications and Oxbridge?

This highly interactive workshop is designed for teachers of very able Biology students. Now that winning a place at Oxford or Cambridge is tougher than ever, with only 20% of applicants making a successful application your students need to stand out from the crowd.  They need top A level grades and a passion for Biology that they can capably demonstrate at interview.

It will explore new teaching approaches to develop higher order skills, challenging pace of progress in the mix of the current new demands at AS/A with the latest specs, the linear exams and pressure of progress over the stretch of time and ways of working with very able students to ensure exam success.

This INSET is an ideal whole department CPD opportunity for teachers in selective schools and academies with very high expectations of staff and students.

INSET Outline

Developing independence, grit and resilience

  • Setting high expectations across the whole group to ensure the highest achievers flourish
  • Stimulating and teaching a growth mindset
  • Differentiation which allows stretch and challenge
  • Strategies which specifically work with gifted students

Top strategies for challenging the most able Biology students in the latest specifications

  • Strategies & resources to cover A01 and the lower order skills quickly
  • Teaching for metacognition
  • Feedback for fast progress and target setting for very able students
  • Formative strategies and approaches on how to construct outstanding exam responses
  • Developing research and referencing skills

The development of higher order thinking skills in a biological context

  • How to develop critical thinking skills
  • Encouraging the young biologist through argument
  • Enhancing problem solving skills
  • Nurturing and stretching able students to achieve the highest levels

Preparing able students for Oxbridge and Medical interviews

  • Advising potential undergraduates on their application: preparation and the personal statement
  • What to comment on in your reference
  • Mock interviews/assisting in interview preparation

Are you looking to increase the level of challenge of your most able pupils across the whole Science department? Our Challenging the Most Able Pupils in Science INSET might be more appropriate.

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