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What is Holistic Development?

Holistic Development is an approach to learning that emphasises the importance of the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of children, particularly in early childhood.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and imagine you are back in your childhood; jumping in puddles, playing in the mud, building sandcastles, finding bugs, exploring, discovering how things work – all the fun stuff!

That’s what being a child is all about… right? Exploring and discovering!

And that’s what the holistic approach is– learning and interacting with the natural world and opportunities for challenge, risk-taking, and social development.

Brain Development in the Early Years

90% of brain development occurs by the age of 5, so it is crucial that we provide early years experiences that support the whole child.

It is during this critical period when enriched environments and increased stimulation can have the greatest impact on brain development.

The Role of Play in Holistic Development

Meaningful learning in Early Childhood happens through play and exploration.

The sad thing is, play is often thought of as something extra you do when the important things in life are done like reading, maths etc.

“Play is essential to development as it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children and youth.”

American Academy of Pediatrics

The aim of this training is to build the teachers confidence in providing holistic activities that support emotional, psychological and physical development in young children. Teachers will also gain a greater understanding how to plan effectively to meet the requirements of the statutory framework for the early years foundation stage.

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Inset Outline

  • Understanding holistic approach
  • How to support emotional, psychological & physical development of children
  • Identifying individual interests
  • Using stories and philosophical questions to support confidence and emotional intelligence
  • How to plan holistic activities to meet the requirements of the statutory framework for the early years foundation stage 
  • Planning holistic activities in line with the recommendations of ‘Development Matters’ – non-statutory curriculum guidance for the early years foundation stage

INSET Course Suitability

  • EYFS Teachers
  • Nursery Nurses & Apprentices
  • Pre-Prep teachers
  • EYFS Leaders & Managers,
  • EYFS Head Teachers and Senior Leadership.

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