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Claire Vickery, Head of DT, Buckler’s Mead Academy

Ofsted has moved away from headline data to look instead at how schools are achieving these results, and whether they are offering a curriculum that is broad, rich and deep, or simply teaching to the test.

An Ofsted Ready Curriculum

With a greater emphasis on curriculum intent and how schools interpret the National Curriculum to meet the needs of their children, school leaders are now in a position where it is necessary to evaluate the ‘offer’ they give and how they prepare all children to make good progress and become better prepared for the next stages of their learning.

Ofsted’s 4 Areas of Judgement

The following judgements will be made by inspectors, based on all of the evidence collected throughout the visit:

  • Quality of Education (Intent, Implementation, Impact)
  • Behaviour and Attitudes
  • Personal Development
  • Leadership and Management

Do your middle leaders need support and training to help them prepare for a Deep Dive?

We can carry out ‘mock’ Subject Deep Dives into Curriculum areas such as MathsEnglishLiteracy / Reading Science or Humanities

JMC Inspection Team

Are you Ofsted Ready?

  • How articulate are you about how your school’s curriculum meets the needs of your children and local area?
  • Do you know what the new key Ofsted judgements are and the evidence needed to for them to make accurate graded judgements?
  • Is your school environment designed to maximise learning?
  • Are you confident that the children in your school demonstrate positive and respectful attitudes to learning and each other?

INSET Outline

Understanding the current Ofsted Inspection framework

• Understanding the OFSTED key judgements
• Evidence: What will inspectors consider when making judgements – and how these compare with the previous Framework?
• Supporting a self-evaluation in preparation for OFSTED

Quality of Education and Behaviour & Attitudes

  • Curriculum Intent, curriculum implementation and impact – ensuring consistency.
  • Designing and evaluating a ‘knowledge Rich’ curriculum
  • Understanding the format & requirements of a Subject Deep Dive
  • Developing a learning environment
  • Make connections across the curriculum
  • Explore how learning is adaptive to meet the different needs of learners
  • A whole-school approach to reviewing the ‘curriculum offer’

Be Ofsted Ready: a practical case study

• Understand how schools have negotiated through the inspection process
• Understand how children’s voice is used to support judgements by OFSTED

Personal Development and Leadership & Management

• How to evidence resilience, confidence and independence
• Developing character and preparing for life in Modern Britain
• How to communicate a clear and ambitious vision effectively
• Developing teaching & managing teacher workload

This course is suitable as preparation for your whole staff in readiness for their next Ofsted Inspection under this framework.

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