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Will your school achieve or maintain Outstanding in Quality of Education ?

The single biggest contributory factor to a pupil’s attainment and progress is the quality of teaching; this is even more marked for disadvantaged and vulnerable students (double the effect size) so the continued improvement of the implementation of teaching and learning in schools must be our number one priority.

What does outstanding implementation look like?

‘ Ofsted’s focus moves away from headline data to look instead at how schools are achieving these results, and whether they are offering a curriculum that is broad, rich and deep, or simply teaching to the test’

  • So, what does this translate to in practice?
  • How do make progress explicit for inspectors?
  • With so much information available to teachers what interventions really work?
  • What does outstanding teaching look like?
  • What do inspectors look for as evidence of outstanding learning?

Clear strategies and interventions

This course is highly practical and interactive. Teachers will leave with a clear set of strategies and interventions to improve their curriculum implementation which they can adopt in their next lesson.

“Vision without implementation is hallucination.”

Thomas Edison

INSET Outline

What does Outstanding Curriculum Implementation look like?

  • Understanding the links between Intent, implementation & Impact
  • What evidence do inspectors use to judge implementation?
  • What are the criteria used and what do these actually look like in practice?
  • Opportunity to view and critique outstanding lesson video material
  • Teaching towards outstanding curriculum impact: pupil outcomes & progress

Successfully Improving Attainment and Progress in lessons and over time

  • The results are in: top 3 teaching interventions and strategies to improve attainment and progress – what are they & how to get outstanding outcomes from them
  • Addressing social disadvantage head on
  • Planning for Progression & Sequencing
  • Understanding Progression & the importance of clear end points in your subject area
  • Strategies for Judging Progress in lessons & over time

Embedding effective language of learning

  • Metacognition and Self-regulation
  • Highly effective collaborative learning strategies
  • Dialogic teaching
  • Effective “pupil talk” in lessons

Differentiation and Responsive Teaching

  • Established best practice
  • Independent and Flipped learning
  • Personalised learning
  • Challenge
  • Deeper questioning and higher order thinking

This course can be adapted for international and other non-Ofsted inspected schools.

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