“Very stimulating and thought provoking”

Carole Baber, Bedford Sixth Form College

In this INSET you will learn about:

• the value of creativity and imagination as 21st century skills
• the range and richness of creativity as an underpinning approach to learning and teaching
• ways in which you can nurture creativity in yourself, in pupils, and with colleagues.
In order to meet the learning objectives, you will:
• plan projects, lessons and challenges that promote creativity in learning
• relate creative approaches to real-world challenges
• understand the issues involved in assessing creativity and undertake meaningful assessment
• be enthusiastic about the potential of creativity in learning

Our students thrive best when their creativity and imagination are effectively challenged and stretched through outstanding teaching that removes barriers to that creativity.

Using real learning situations, think pieces and models of good practice, ‘creative teaching and learning strategies’ will challenge your own preconceptions of what these terms mean, engage you in your own creative journey; and provide you with a range of strategies that you can implement straight away in the classroom.

Why not use your imagination and work with us on this creative training?

INSET outline

Thinking about creativity

What do we mean by creativity?
The creative person
Creativity in your work
Creativity at home

Pedagogical approaches to encouraging students’ creativity

Engaging in, observing and analysing creativity in practice
Creative teaching and teaching for creativity
Teacher roles in promoting creativity in learning

Assessing creativity

Exploring the relationship between creative process and outcome
Devising an activity
Teaching an activity
Reviewing an activity

Planning for creativity in your school

Making the case for creativity
Collaborate to plan and lead professional development through reflective practice.
Presentation of task
Next steps

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