INSET : Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Lots of practical ideas I can take back to the classroom

Margarita Bromberg, Trinity School

During this programme participants will:

• Receive an internationally referenced basic theoretical understanding of CTPS.
• Explore referenced evidence of how CTPS can be taught and assessed.
• Receive practical examples how to develop CTPS in your schools.
• Identify opportunities within your schools to develop CTPS skills.
• Develop leadership, project management and self-evaluation techniques to embed CTPS in your practice.

These objectives relate to teaching practices used by yourself as well as colleagues in your school, within and beyond teaching the national curriculum.

Critical thinking and problem-solving techniques should be central to developing effective, independent learners yet, so often, they are not. By investigating our own critical thinking and problem-solving skills, challenging our existing knowledge and developing a deeper understanding of key concepts; ‘Critical thinking and problem solving’ will give you the tools and strategies you need to embed these skills in your own teaching and the learning of your students.

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Four Key Features of Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Teachers will be exploring four key features of CTPS and three foundational teaching strategies that support the development of these skills.
The programme will focus on four key features of CTPS:
• solving non-routine problems and questions
• considering different perspectives on issues
• evaluating evidence for and against different positions
• understanding the deep structure of issues.

Three central teaching strategies

To develop these features of CTPS, three teaching strategies will be practised:
• asking questions to develop deeper thinking and check for understanding
• modelling how to think critically and solve problems
• providing systematic feedback and corrections.

INSET outline

Introduction to Critical Thinking & Problem Solving (CTPS)

Getting to know the topic and each other.
What do we mean by CTPS: review the definition and its core aspects.
What can you expect of the programme?
What do we expect of you?

Different perspectives

What does it mean to consider different perspectives?
Why is it important?
How can it be taught?

Assessing evidence

What does it mean?
How can it be taught?
Designing an activity. Practising the activity.

Non-routine problems

What does it mean?
Why is it important?
How can it be taught? Design for change. Modelling.
Designing an activity. Practising the activity.

Deep structure

What does it mean?
Why is it important?
How can it be taught?
Design an activity. Practise the activity.

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