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Alison Yates, Year Leader, Harlington Upper School

Strategies to promote high levels of progress and achievement in the classroom

With so much information available to teachers on improving teaching and learning we are left wondering:

  • Which interventions really work?
  • How do inspectors measure progress in lessons and overtime?
  • Which strategies add the most value and cost the least?
  • Which are the most accessible for all of our teachers
  • …and how do they work, not just in theory, but in practice?

This is a course designed for class teachers to reflect on their current practice and develop new strategies to measure progress and motivate students towards higher levels of progress and achievement. The single biggest contributory factor to a pupil’s attainment and progress is the quality of teaching; this is even more marked for disadvantaged and vulnerable students (double the effect in fact) so the continued improvement of teaching and learning in schools has to be our number one priority.

INSET Outline

Measuring Progress

  • The use and limitations of data
  • Evaluating progress from written work
  • Judging progress in lessons

Successfully Improving Attainment and Progress in lessons and over time

  • The results are in: top 3 teaching interventions and strategies to improve attainment and progress
  • Embedding effective language for learning and metacognition
  • Dialogic teaching
  • The need for a Growth Mindset

Personalising the learning experience

  • Established best practice in Independent schools
  • Independent and Flipped learning
  • Differentiation and challenge
  • Deeper questioning

Every JMC course is highly practical and interactive. Teachers will leave with a clear set of strategies and interventions which they can adopt in there very next lesson.

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