It was what I think, in my humble opinion, good inset should be: a chance to challenge our current thinking, whilst building on our existing knowledge and skills; plenty of practical activities.

Zoe Anderson, Assistant Headteacher, Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ Grammar School

The Increasingly Diverse Classroom

As society becomes increasingly diverse so does the makeup of the cohort of learners in our classrooms. It is important that schools and teachers are able to deal with diversity in a positive way, to create an inclusive and positive experience for all of their pupils. Sondra Thierderman’s work around unconscious bias exemplifies just how difficult this can be to achieve.

How Can Schools Cater for Diversity?

It is important that schools raising the awareness of issues, challenges and opportunities around diversity, are clear about the influences that unconscious bias can have, and also the potential for some learners to become marginalised. As well as this understanding it is important that teachers have practical strategies to employ on their lessons to ensure that learning is inclusive and that all youngsters have the opportunity to achieve to their potential

Benefits of the Inclusive Classroom INSET

• Identifying the issues, challenges and opportunities around diversity

• To clarify key terminology used around diversity, equality and inclusion

• To explore how to celebrate diversity and how to see issues from different perspectives

• To confront the challenge of unconscious bias and marginalisation

• To identify some practical steps and strategies for creating a more inclusive classroom and differentiated teaching, learning and assessment

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INSET Outline

The Inclusive Classroom: Setting the Scene

What do we mean by the terms diversity, equality and inclusion?
Other concepts to be aware of such as bias and marginalisation
Identifying issues, challenges and opportunities within our teaching context both at school level and for individual teachers

Creating an Inclusive Classroom

Understanding different models of inclusive learning
Developing an awareness of personal biases including unconscious biases
Addressing marginalisation
Identifying areas of focus when considering inclusivity (rules, activity, people, power)

Inclusive Teaching and Learning

Clarifying concepts such as equity, equality and differentiation
Strategies for learners to explore concepts and issues from a range of perspectives
Identify some practical inclusive teaching strategies
Addressing development priorities

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020 8531 4152

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