I feel particularly inspired. Unlike many courses, this felt achievable. 

Alison Tanner, Year 5/6 Teacher, Cameley Primary School

The Highly Effective Head of Year /Key Stage

• Need guidance on the role and its key responsibilities?
• Do you require tools for evaluating how well the role is being fulfilled?
• Do you need advice on leading and managing the pastoral team, year group and curriculum?
• Could you do with help with developing systems, policies, procedures and sharing good practice?

Top Priority: Pastoral Care & Pupil Wellbeing

ISI inspect pupil wellbeing as part of their routine inspections for September 2023, and in 2019 the Ofsted inspection framework was modified to include a separate judgement of ‘personal development’ for the first time.

According to Ofsted, this is to acknowledge the importance of “pupils’ wider personal development and their opportunities to grow as active, healthy and engaged citizens.”

For most schools this good news. It allows Ofsted to recognise schools’ efforts to look after pupils’ broader development and prepare them for life outside of education.

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Equality Diversity & Inclusion

Pupil Wellbeing

We will work closely with you to understand your unique context, identify areas for improvement and provide practical, evidence-based recommendations.

JMC Inspection Team

Pastoral Care & its Leadership

This course will offer practical advice to enhance your effectiveness in pastoral leadership as a Head of Year, House, Key stage or section. The course provides a clear guide to help Heads of Year develop personal and management skills along with their key role in planning for and demonstrating success in school improvement. The training provides clear direction in leading your year group, tutor team and working with parents/support agencies. The course will also review pastoral issues and dealing with common problems. There is advice on developing and planning a pastoral curriculum, systems, policies and procedures. The trend is towards broadening of the role of the Head of Year and the course offers valuable advice to being successful in this vital role.

This course is suitable for all pastoral leaders in schools and colleges , including Wellbeing Leads, Mental Health leads , Heads of PSHE & Heads of key stage/ Phase.

INSET Outline

Building Pastoral Leadership

  • Building your leadership technique portfolio from debunking the ‘Great Man’ myth to the advantages and disadvantages of transactional and transformational leadership
  • Building an accountable team

Making the paperwork work for you

  • Own the plan and see the impact
  • Lose the ego – develop the confidence to build structures and systems that run without you

Sweat the small stuff but make it manageable

  • Managing workload and protecting staff wellbeing as a pastoral lead without compromising impact

What is school culture?

  • Exploring below the surface of a school vision statement and school motto to audit pastoral provision and making it better

Serving your community

  • What do you need to know?
  • Managing your communication strategy


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