Ofsted inspectors are required to grade the quality of education in any sixth form provision in schools and to write about the sixth form in the inspection report. The 6th form will be given its own judgement which will contribute to the schools overall ‘quality of education’ judgement.

As a current or aspirational school sixth form leader, how can you make sure that your curriculum intent reflects local area needs and growth priorities? How can you make sure that achievement and progress of all students is outstanding in a ‘linear’ world? How do you use comprehensive self-assessment to inform quality improvement plans and shape future curriculum direction? What skills, drivers and values will future sixth form leaders need to in an uncertain educational setting?

The following course will help you to understand key aspects of the EIF in supporting student achievement and give you an appreciation of the changing nature of leadership in education.

Who is this INSET for?

Assistant Heads, current or aspirational school 6th form leaders in schools, sixth form colleges & FE Colleges.

Inset outline:

Ambitious Curriculum Intent Post 16

How can you develop a sixth form curriculum intent based on local labour market intelligence and regional economic growth priorities?

  • Exploring factors to inform the intent of your curriculum.
  • Understanding labour market intelligence and local/regional growth strategies and priorities.

Sixth form Curriculum Implementation

How can you be successful in a linear world?

  • Investigating assessment processes to track and monitor student performance.
  • Exploring different flexible timetable considerations that can support students to develop independent learning skills and increase opportunities to participate in enrichment activities.
  • Identifying distinct non-qualification and enrichment activities that can help prepare students for employment or progress to higher levels of study.

Monitoring & Evaluating Impact

How can you use self-assessment to inform quality improvement plans to shape future curriculum direction?

  • Identifying different approaches to self-assess the quality of your curriculum.
  • Exploring data, seeking out and acting upon the views of internal and external stakeholders to focus quality improvement actions.

Sixth Form Leadership & Management

What skills, drivers and values will future leaders need?

  • Understanding the changing nature of leadership – ‘a shift from management to leadership’.
  • Importance of vision and ethos in shaping values.


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