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Join us for this one day online safeguarding conference to help you prepare your school for the inspection of safeguarding provision and to ensure that you are able to demonstrate it’s effectiveness. With different streams throughout the day focusing on Ofsted and ISI inspections, you’ll come away equipped with the knowledge that is important for you.

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“Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone
who comes into contact with children and their families has a role to play. In order to fulfil this
responsibility effectively, all practitioners should make sure their approach is child centred”

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2023

Ensuring that your setting has effective safeguarding is of the utmost importance and plays a big part in the inspection process. With changes set to come into force to Keeping Children Safe in Education from September, as well as changes to the Ofsted and ISI inspections also set for September, there has never been a more important time to ensure your knowledge is up-to-date.

Who should attend?

Headteachers, Deputy Heads, Assistant heads, DSLs, DDSLs, pastoral leads and other members of the SLT with responsibility for safeguarding and Ofsted inspections

This Safeguarding conference will enable you to:

  • Prepare for the inspection of your safeguarding provision
  • Ensure you are up-to-date on the current regulatory framework for safeguarding, including
    changes to KCSIE for September 2023
  • Understand how your safeguarding provision will be inspected – with different streams for Ofsted and ISI inspections
  • Develop an action plan to ensure you are inspection ready
  • Prepare your staff for inspection day
  • Take a whole-school approach to safeguarding using effective policies and procedures
  • Improve how you work with parents, carers in the community to improve safeguarding
  • Evidence that you are taking appropriate steps to safeguarding children missing education
  • Ensure that your staff training and recruitment are compliant to safeguarding measures
  • Put in place a plan for providing additional training to improve your safeguarding provision
  • Explore the area of harmful sexual behaviour and how you can ensure your school is tackling this challenging area

Is your school due an Inspection in 2024?

JMC provide comprehensive mock inspections, each of our teams are lead by an experienced lead Inspector. 

Independent Schools: Find out more here

Academies & all schools inspected by Ofsted: Find out more here

JMC Inspection Team

Safeguarding Conference Outline

The current safeguarding regulatory framework

Wendy Martin, JMC Inspection Associate & Education Consultant

  • What’s new for 2024
  • Changes to Keeping Children Safe in Education

How is safeguarding inspected?

John Daniell, JMC Senior Inspection Associate, Former HMI & National Lead
  • What inspectors consider when evaluating the effectiveness of
  •  Safeguarding
  • How Safeguarding inspection impacts your ‘leadership and management’ judgement
  • What ‘effective’ vs ‘ineffective’ safeguarding looks like

Preparing safeguarding information for inspection day

Wendy Martin, JMC Inspection Associate & Education Consultant
  • Strategies for making your school inspection ready: developing an effective action plan and preparing staff for a safeguarding inspection
  • Safeguarding evidence you must give inspectors

Adopting a Whole-School Approach: Developing Successful Safeguarding Policies and Procedures

Steve Burnage, Education Consultant, Inspector and Author
  • Guidance on implementing robust reporting mechanisms for violence, harassment and harm by pupils and staff
  • Creating an open and supportive environment where children and young people feel comfortable talking about safeguarding concerns. 
  • Engaging with students and staff from a range of backgrounds to ensure inclusive safeguarding policies and improvements are introduced
  • Advice for training school leaders to confidently identify and raise safeguarding concerns
  • Working with parents, carers & the community to promote safeguarding. 

Children missing school: Attendance and safeguarding

Steve Burnage, Education Consultant, Inspector and Author
  • Current guidance surrounding attendance and safeguarding
  • Preparing your attendance data for inspection
  • The link between safeguarding and attendance

Using student voice in your safeguarding provision

Wendy Martin, JMC Inspection Associate & Education Consultant
  • Using student voice in your safeguarding provision to promote a culture to inspectors that is both responsive and effective.

Ensuring Staff Recruitment and Training Measures Adhere to Safeguarding Regulations

John Daniell Education Specialist and Consultant, Former HMI & National Lead
  • Upskilling teaching staff to identify children facing harm to prevent escalation
  • Building confidence in NQTs: providing targeted professional development to learn new strategies in safeguarding management
  • Safer Recruitment: tools for conducting risk assessments to identify the safety of new hires
  • Robust measures to ensuring volunteers and temporary staff meet vigilant safeguarding regulations

Tackling Harmful Sexual Behaviour: Creating a Culture Free from Harassment and Violence

Rebecca Jennings, Education Consultant, RAISE
  • Implementing a whole-school approach to tackling harmful sexual behaviour through creating a culture that challenges misconduct
  • Creating a robust reporting mechanism for sexual harassment and violence in schools to encourage children to disclose harm
  • Training staff to sensitively support children who disclose incidents of sexual violence
  • Tackling child-on-child abuse: supporting children facing and perpetrating harmful sexual behaviour

This programme is draft and subject to change.

Friday 19th April 2024
Conference Fee
£295 + VAT (£354.00)

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JMC Inspection Team
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