Experts at leading interactive workshops which are lively, inclusive and offer multiple opportunities to reflect which will guide your organisation and pastoral staff to insightful and impactful outcomes.

Kate Sommerville, Assistant Vice Principal, North London Collegiate School Jeju, South Korea

All children and young people have the right to a secure and happy childhood; to be given the space and support to grow and achieve success. Pastoral staff , including Heads of house or Heads of Year share the responsibility of ensuring that all – day students and boarders – can develop a sense of belonging and thrive in their own right.

Who will benefit from the INSET?

This INSET is perfect training to update all form tutors on their pastoral responsibilities for students’ social and emotional wellbeing as well as their academic progress. This will be particularly beneficial for the Head of House, Year or Phase teams.

Pastoral Staff INSET Aims

To give those in positions of responsibility the understanding, confidence and appropriate tools to maximise student wellbeing and holistic progress, and to lead teams to strive for the same purpose.

The role of a Head of Year is a demanding, often exhausting, and sometimes horrible job to do. It’s also an absolute joy, one of the central cogs of a school and the best job I’ve ever done.

Connor Acton, Head of Year

Pastoral Staff INSET Course Outline

Exploring your School Culture and Values

  • Values into setting and practice
  • Staff wellbeing: Student wellbeing – two sides of the same coin
  • Voice – who holds the conch?

Understanding Mental Wellbeing in Young People

  • What is mental health?
  • Students at risk
  • Building resilience
  • Supportive school practices

Creating a Climate of Belonging

  • Belonging – what matters and what helps
  • Self esteem and the teacher’s crucial role
  • The quiet ones – participation and recognition for all
  • Staying a part when learning apart – the online challenge

Effective Monitoring and Sustained Support

  • Frameworks and support plans
  • Antagonists and attrition – staying focused and positive
  • Review cycle for continuous reflection and improvement

How will the INSET be delivered?

The INSET will be delivered in a spirit of respect, collaboration and shared purpose, and will include:

  • Reflection and discussion
  • Examination of school policies and processes
  • Scenarios and case studies
  • Practical frameworks and tools
  • Collaborative action planning
  • Reference to the work of leading researchers (and recommended reading)

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