“Most useful with a number of areas that will improve practice across our Multi Academy Trust. The course provided a good grounding to raising awareness of responsibilities at all levels, legal implications of poor H&S management together with recommendations for good practice in risk assessments”.

Maxine Adams, Operations Director, Apollo Partnership Multi -Academy Trust

A few key questions on Risk Assessments

  1. Are Risk Assessments only for physical hazards and potential dangers?
  2. Is risk assessment only the concern of the site manager?
  3. Are Risk Assessments just a box ticking exercise?
  4. Is Risk Assessment just the concern of science, technology and PE teachers?

Risk assessments are at the centre of much that we do – or should be.

Sometimes we do them without thinking.

Sometimes we do them formally to communicate with others and to comply with legislation.

If we look at all the occasions that a risk assessment “approach” is applied to school leadership, management and delivery of the curriculum we will find many examples from the classroom to the senior team.

Risk Assessments are needed in:

  • Health and Safety
  • Project Management
  • Decision Making
  • Future Planning
  • Research
  • ……… and more

They also can be part of the taught curriculum, preparing young people for their future.

“Pupils should be safe in school and when undertaking out of school activities. The risk management to keep them safe should be proportionate to the nature of the activities.

Schools must appoint a competent person to ensure they meet their health and safety duties. A competent person is someone with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to give sensible guidance about managing the health and safety risks at the school”.

Health and safety: responsibilities and duties for schools
Updated 26 November 2018

In this INSET we will touch on all the above but concentrate on the Health and Safety sphere. 

A few of the questions we will answer:

  1. What does a “competent person” need to know and do?
  2. Why is risk assessment important in a school setting?
  3. Who is responsible for Health and Safety [H&S] and Risk Assessments our schools?
  4. Do schools need risk assessments?
  5. What health and Safety laws apply to schools?
  6. How do we develop a Health and Safety culture at our school?

Who is this INSET course for?

This course is suitable for all teaching and support staff with supervisory duties and who are in direct contact with students. It is particularly relevant to teaching staff employed in primary, secondary, and special schools as well as FE colleges and universities.


The aim of this course is to provide those with the responsibility for health and safety, the knowledge and confidence to complete suitable and sufficient risk assessments for activities completed within the school and thus keep students and adults at the school safe within the bounds of what is “reasonably practicable” [Health and Safety at work Act 1974].

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INSET Course Outline

Risk Assessments in Schools – keeping our whole community safe.

  • This INSET will be a facilitated interactive session using real life examples to illustrate points raised.
  • Participants will be able to work on H and S issues within their areas of responsibility.
  • Participants will draft risk assessments within their areas of responsibility.
  • The group will consider how they will use this learning in their own institutions.

INSET Programme

The Health and Safety legal framework as it applies to the students, school and the staff.

  • Establishing a safe culture
  • Raising our responsibilities and awareness

Hazards in school and off site

Risk assessments

  • Identifying hazards
  • Categorising hazards

Controlling hazards

Reporting and recording

The broader use of risk assessments

  • Project Management
  • Decision Making
  • Future Planning
  • Research

What we will do back in school – a plan

Q and A/Plenary



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