OFSTED Observations Focus: Teaching and Learning

At the start of the lesson thinks about a hook, something to grab their attention. – Not about going through learning objectives, outcomes, assessment criteria etc……..uninspiring……pupils switch off.

They are not interested in previous Ofsted observations ……much….just overall picture.  However keep a record.
Think about progress and time, best use of time.  You should be able to show progress in 30 mins.
Every second counts – Distance and depth – not just doing?
Do not follow 3 part lesson because a lesson should branch out like a tree.
Teachers must unlearn and relearn………evolve.
Learning should flow and make sense, pupils should flourish.  It’s not about activities, it’s about the experience.  Is a silent lessons a good way to learn?….Only sometimes.
Children should be doing the questioning…….not the teacher.
Never spend more than 10 mins. gathering info……they will have to process it……..absorb……..make it meaningful to them……….explain………..develop thinking.

Trial carried out to test the validity of Ofsted Observations

The Most Useful Indicators

Analysis of the trial results showed that there were a reduced number of indicators with a high level of reliability overall. Those with low reliability were mainly because they are aspects of a lesson which are hard to assess with a secure level of consistency. There were some differences between primary and secondary schools and particularly colleges.

Overall, the following eight were those identified as having higher levels of reliability and these will be those prioritised by Ofsted in developing further pilot visits before final agreement and inclusion within the EIF. The reduction would also mitigate against cognitive overload.

The core eight are:

Curriculum Domain

  • Teachers use their subject expertise to provide effective learning opportunities.
  • The lesson content is appropriate to the age group and does not lower expectations.
  • There is a logical sequence to the lesson.

Teaching Domain

  • Teachers demonstrate good communication skills.
  • Teachers possess good questioning skills.
  • Teachers give explicit, detailed and constructive feedback in class.

Behaviour Domain

  • Teachers create supportive classrooms focused on learning.
  • Pupils’ behaviour contributes to the focus on learning.

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