Primary art and design education should engage, inspire and challenge pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and

National Curriculum: Art & Design KS1&2

This course aims to give teachers and support staff the confidence they need to deliver primary art with passion and enthusiasm and help bring out the artist in all their pupils.

It would never be acceptable for your pupils to say “I’m just no good at maths/ reading / science..” or any other academic subject, however pupils deciding that they are just naturally “no good” at art goes unchallenged in our classrooms. Too often the misconception that people are either born with artistic ability or not is able to permeate into our schools. If we take the lid off art and design we can allow the subject to flourish. Experimentation, risk, and innovation should be encouraged. Teachers often feel less confident in delivering the art curriculum because they feel they are not ‘artists’.

INSET Outline

Think like an artist

Strategies to encourage pupils to plan and develop their ideas and work. Tackling misconceptions about art ‘fixed’ ability. Encouraging creative thinking.

Primary Art Techniques

Looking at pencil and sketch techniques. Understanding light, tone, perspective and viewpoint. Progression in art techniques. Different paint techniques and contexts.

Digital Art

Introduction to a range of free, open source art software. Understanding vector and raster graphics types. 3D drawing. Using layers and effects. Digital photography and art. Using online tools to showcase art work.

Primary Art Planning and Assessment

Building a comprehensive framework for art teaching and curriculum coverage. Assessment approaches for art work. Self assessment and AfL techniques. Capturing the creative journey. Building portfolios. The importance of exhibitions, whole school themes and display.

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