INSET : Supporting and Maintaining Well-being in School


  • What happens when friendships and professional relationships collide?
  • How can quickly and effectively resolve conflict in the workplace?
  • How can we ensure a supportive environment at school?
  • How can we build our resilience and reduce stress, while becoming more effective at work?
  • How can we ensure a good work-life balance?

Teaching is a stressful job. In between firefighting in the classroom, managing pastoral care, managing relationships with colleagues, running extra-curricular activities oh, and actually teaching, it’s easy to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and unable to cope. This can have a significant impact on our health, productivity, energy levels and enjoyment of life both at home and in the workplace. Things can start to feel unmanageable, and productivity and efficiency start to slide.

By learning more about how we build resilience and manage stress, communicate with colleagues and set boundaries, create a supportive work environment and develop healthy relationships in the workplace, amongst others, we can start to put in place measures that help us to manage stress more efficiently and become more resilient in both our domestic and personal lives, thus becoming more productive and efficient at work.

This course is aimed at helping school staff – both teaching and non-teaching – to develop skills, strategies, and resources that will help to manage the everyday stresses and strains of such an intense and demanding job. This course will look at workplace relationships, consider how to set firmer boundaries in work and communicate more effectively with colleagues, and will discuss how to build personal resources to help develop greater resilience to stress, and subsequently increase productivity in the workplace.

INSET Outline

Part 1: Relationships at Work


To consider the value of good workplace relationships

To understand the unique challenges of multiplex relationships

To develop boundary setting

Part 2: Strengthening a collaborative workplace culture


To manage difficult conversations and resolve conflict

To strengthen the supportive environment at work

Part 3: Building Resilience


To rethink prioritising and efficiency

To reinstate the value of a good work-life balance

To develop and build on resources to increase resilience

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