“Thank you, you made everything seem less scary”

Richard Stubbs, Head of Maths, Abbey Park School

The Ofsted Ready 6th Form: Preparing for a Deep Dive

Schools with a 6th form

Ofsted give maintained schools, academies and non-association independent schools a separate grade for 6th form provision as part of school inspections which will contribute to the overall ‘quality of education’ judgement.

Further education colleges, 6th form colleges and designated institutions

Ofsted carry out enhanced full inspections to further education colleges, sixth-form colleges and designated institutions. This enhancement includes an additional worded sub-judgement, linked to the quality of education and leadership and management key judgements, on the contribution the college is making to skills needs.

What is an Ofsted Deep Dive?

Ofsted deep dives are a key part of the new Ofsted Inspection Framework’s curriculum focus. An Ofsted inspection of any school or college, will now include ‘deep dives’ into particular subjects or areas (e.g. maths ) which Ofsted will choose and inform you of prior to the inspection.

An Ofsted deep dive is an in-depth examination of a subject by inspectors. The intent behind a deep dive is to “establish a coherent base on quality of education”; so multiple deep dives will give inspectors a connected sample of lessons with which to establish a clearer idea of the overall teaching quality of the school or college.

“Each deep dive will typically focus on a sample of four to six subjects, looking at a wide variety of pupils in different year groups, including sixth for (where available) across that sample.”

Ofsted EIF


 1 – To clarify the Ofsted expectations
2 – Give time to exploring the progress within subjects and how this is monitored in schools or colleges at sixth form.
3 – To be prepared for a ‘deep dive’ line of enquiry
4 – Plan necessary actions that will enable you to self-evaluate with accuracy and approach inspection with confidence

With a renewed focus on the quality of your school curriculum this one-day course will look at how judgements will be informed through the evidence available in your school.
Guiding you through questions and lines of enquiry this workshop will help you feel prepared and ready to articulate your approach with clarity and confidence.

Arrange for a Mock Deep Dive in your school or subject area

Contact our Inspection team to arrange a ‘Mentoring Dive’ to reassure your team & allay any fears 

JMC Inspection Team

Are you deep-diving into 6th form subjects? 

As a subject leader do you know what the new Ofsted framework introduced in September 2019 means for you and your role. There is certainly more emphasis on the curriculum and each individual subject will be under scrutiny.

  • How can you make sure that you are ready?
  • How can you prepare your department/colleagues for inspection?
  • How can you and your team prepare for a deep dive into the curriculum? 

The day will give you the time & direction to draw up a personalised plan.

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INSET Outline

The Ofsted Inspection Framework

• Headline changes in the Ofsted framework
• Unpacking the ‘Quality of Education’ standards
• Intent, Implementation and Impact and Cultural Capital

Your Curriculum

• Progression of knowledge and skills
• Age and stage appropriate learning
• School pedagogy
• Sources of evidence

How judgements are made

• What subject leaders need to know
• Lesson Visits and work scrutiny
• Use of assessment
• Pupil Outcomes

Planning for a deep dive in your school or college

• Sample questions for subject leaders
• Work scrutiny examples
• Planning for accurate self-evaluation

School feedback on this training has been overwhelmingly positive :

“Very well delivered and above & beyond what was advertised! “

Alan Glasgow, HOD IT & Computing, Norton Hill School

“Outstanding – extremely helpful & has built my confidence”

Miranda Rawlinson, HOD History, Pate’s Grammar School

“Really useful for what a deep dive means and what to say to Ofsted”

Justin Jones, HOD English, KLB School

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