Ofsted 2020 INSET : The Ofsted Ready Leadership Team

“A really helpful session covering all areas of the new Ofsted framework. The suggested questions are really useful”

Laura Creswick , Assistant Head , Teaching & Learning, Nailsea School

Is your school Ofsted ready ?

From September 2019, Ofsted will refocus inspections of schools, early years settings and further education and skills providers, to make sure that learners are receiving a high-quality education that puts them on a path to future success.

According to Ofsted they will spend less time looking at exam results and test data, and more time considering how a nursery, school, college or other education provider has achieved their results. But what does this actually mean in practice and what are the implications for your school?

For all schools – whether good, outstanding or other – one of the most difficult and often distracting aspects of leading and teaching in schools is knowing whether everything is ‘OFSTED ready’.

The term implies that all systems, policies, practice and results are in place and open for scrutiny but good practice would say that preparation for Ofsted is a continuous process and can be recognised and accepted in many forms.

Do you know what Ofsted are looking at and for? Do you know how to satisfy lines of enquiry and how to predict questions and inspection themes?
Do you know what questions they may ask? And who they want to speak with?
Do you know what evidence if required to present within an inspection?
Are you aware of the current framework and the implications this has on teaching and leading within a school?
Are safeguarding systems up to date and secure in your school?

This programme can be tailored to the needs of your middle / senior leadership team and delivered as a training session or as part of a school improvement programme. For more details on school improvement services see our ‘Preparing for Inspection’ section

INSET Outline

Brief overview of changes to the Ofsted framework with effect from September 2019

What you really need to know as a school leader

Understanding the Ofsted framework and its implications on all aspects of the school

the quality of education
behaviour and attitudes
personal development
leadership and management

Knowing what evidence and documents are useful to have and to keep updated

Knowing what data to present for inspectors.

Understanding what governors, leaders ,teachers and pupils need to know

Questions to prepare all stakeholders

Exploring statutory and exemplary safeguarding requirements

KCSIE September 2019 essential update of key changes

Effective, ineffective & exemplary safeguarding

Tips for an outstanding judgement

How to stay ‘Outstanding’ if you haven’t been inspected for years !

Aspiring to outstanding – a whole school approach

“Thank you so very much for the fantastic INSET yesterday. It was without doubt the best INSET I have attended and absolutely met my hopes of providing a ‘health check’ and ideas to energise, the buzz this has already stimulated has been great”.
Hilary Barry, Director of Studies, Highfield School

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