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Mock Ofsted Inspection : Supporting your journey to Outstanding

Taking part in a mock Ofsted inspection is the perfect way to understand how your processes and teams will react and ‘hold up’ during an Inspection, giving you the time to make any necessary adjustments within your organisation based on an honest, critical evaluation of your processes and practices.

We provide schools with an inspection service delivered by quality-assured and respected inspectors with high levels of credibility and relevant experience. We have teams of specialists supporting the following types of school, inspected under the Ofsted framework:

State Schools:

  1. Faith schools
  2. Free schools
  3. Academies
  4. City technology colleges
  5. State boarding schools
  6. State Special Schools and SEMH Schools

We really found the work you did last year very useful and it’s something we would like to implement on a yearly basis.

Michael Johnson, Vice Principal for Curriculum and Quality, Derwentside FE College

Independent schools:

Non-Association Independent Schools

I am buzzing with ideas, clear, concise and helpful

Hannah Pomroy, Deputy Head, Ampleforth College
( Non-Association Independent School)

Benefits of a Mock Ofsted Inspection by JMC

All our inspection teams are led by an experienced Lead Inspector, they will be your first point of contact once you have decided to take advantage of our ‘mock inspection’ service. Although they are referred to ask ‘mocks’ they are designed with school improvement in mind, your lead inspector will act as an informed guide to help your school prepare effectively. Our inspection teams offer a mixture of training, coaching and mentoring throughout the process.

The inspection will encourage both reactive and proactive improvement in the quality of education provided by school

The inspection will help to standardise teaching, enable benchmarking and comparison in improving the quality of teaching and learning.

Pre Inspection Training

Our pre inspection training helps you when preparing for inspection. We will provide a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of your service, focusing on quality of education, safeguarding arrangements, leadership and management in particular.
Furthermore, we will develop an action plan with clear strategies for improvement prior to the mock inspection date.

I would like to say a huge thank you for this ( inspection) training. It has been inspirational and thought-provoking

Steve Jeffery, Headteacher, Our Lady of Sion School

Pre Inspection Audit

Prior to the inspection our team will review your school website, including an agreed list of named policies appropriate to the scope of the inspection, as well as other relevant documentation specified by your Lead Inspector.

Mock Pre-Inspection Phone call between the Head & the Lead Inspector

If required we can arrange a ‘mock phone call’ between our Lead Inspector and the Head of the school. In Ofsted Inspections Head teachers are expected to hold a substantive discussion with the lead inspector lasting from 45- 90 minutes. This is more than an administrative discussion; it will set the tone and inspection trails for the whole inspection. This discussion is a valuable exercise helping the Head prepare for the call as well as using it as a coaching opportunity to learn from our Lead Insepctor.

Mock Inspection Visit

Our inspection teams conduct the mock inspections over 2-3 days depending on the size of the school.

The mock inspection can take many forms and these are some areas for which you may be interested for your school:

Quality of Education

Our inspection team will use the Ofsted inspection framework to evaluate teaching, learning and assessment and the outcomes for pupils. The team would visit lessons, discuss the lesson plans and overall schemes of work with Department Heads and the Academic Deputy Head and then meet with a variety of pupils to discuss their views on teaching and delivery.

State Boarding Welfare Audit

If you are a state boarding school you may consider a need for an inspection of your Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools which requires a specialist inspector.  This would include a visit to your boarding houses, meeting your house staff and Pastoral/Boarding Lead and discussing boarding with your Head.  The team would also meet with a group of boarding pupils to discover their views of boarding within your school.

Early Years Inspection for Ofsted Registered Provision

If you have an Ofsted registered early years provision we can organise a specialist and experienced team to evaluate this area of your school to ensure that it fulfils the requirements for the framework (published by the Dept for Education).

We are also able to offer training to your nursery or early years staff in achieving outstanding as an early years provider.

Use of Evidence

The team’s judgements on the education quality criteria are based as far as possible on first-hand evidence and include the following activities:

  • Observation of lessons and scrutiny of samples of students’ work
  • Consultation with students
  • Discussion with the Governors or Trustees of the school/Academy
  • Analysis of evidence provided by students and staff
  • Analysis of documentary evidence, including performance indicators and self-evaluation
  • Consideration of any significant changes or overt progress over recent years.

Mock Inspection Report

You will receive both verbal feedback and a written report which can be presented to the School Governors or Trustees.

The ExSEF: Our Enhanced package includes a review of your SEF (an External SEF) with recommendations related to the inspector’s findings, compiled after the visit.

How much will it cost?

We pay particular attention to team composition ensuring that our staff are suitable given the size and character of the school.

The cost depends on 4 factors:
1. Size of the Inspection Team
2. Number of days
3. Scope of the inspection
4. Nature of the school: E.g. Size, age range, number of sites, provision of Boarding

For a quote or to learn more about our mock Ofsted inspections, then don’t hesitate to get in touch using our enquires form

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