Extracts from OFSTED Briefing 2012

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OFSTED Focus: Teaching and Learning

At the start of the lesson thinks about a hook, something to grab their attention. – Not about going through learning objectives, outcomes, assessment criteria etc……..uninspiring……pupils switch off.

They are not interested in previous observations……much….just overall picture.  However keep a record.
Think about progress and time, best use of time.  You should be able to show progress in 30 mins.

Every second counts – Distance and depth – not just doing?

Do not follow 3 part lesson because a lesson should branch out like a tree.

Teachers must unlearn and relearn………evolve.

Learning should flow and make sense, pupils should flourish.  It’s not about activities, it’s about the experience.  Is a silent lessons a good way to learn?….Only sometimes.

Children should be doing the questioning…….not the teacher.

Never spend more than 10 mins. gathering info……they will have to process it……..absorb……..make it meaningful to them……….explain………..develop thinking.

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