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Leigh Conchman, Teaching Assistant, Longacre School

Schools in England employ 380,000+ Teaching Assistants and the average school spend on Teaching Assistants is about £200,000 per year, so with all these human resources available its essential that schools unlock the potential of this often-undervalued group of professionals through high quality CPD.

Avoid a negative impact on pupil attainment

The status quo is not an option! The evidence from the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) is clear: poor TA deployment has a negative impact on attainment!

Effective Teaching Assistant deployment can improve pupil progress

Research on TAs delivering targeted interventions in one to-one or small group settings shows a consistent impact on attainment of approximately three to four additional months’ progress (effect size 0.2–0.3). Crucially, these positive effects are only observed when TAs work in structured settings with high quality support and training.

Are you in charge of TA deployment in your school? Looking to maximise their impact?

Take a look at our research-based CPD on Unlocking TA Potential

JMC Teaching & Learning Team

Who is this INSET for ?

This INSET is designed to up-skill Teaching Assistants, providing a practical toolkit of strategies for 1:1 & small group interventions.

Suitable for :

  • Teaching Assistants
  • Learning Support Assistants
  • Cover supervisors
  • Supply teachers
  • other Support Staff such as School Librarians & Technicians

Ofsted and the Teaching Assistant

Finally, if according to Ofsted some of the TAs in our primary and secondary schools are not being utilised properly, we as teachers must remember that genuinely outstanding teaching comes from collaboration – we know that no teacher is great alone.

Find out how the current Ofsted framework is being enacted during an Ofsted Deep Dive including reviews of the use of teaching assistants.

INSET Outcomes

  • helping pupils develop independent study skills and manage their own learning.
  • delivering high-quality one-to-one and small group support using structured interventions
  • Adopting evidence-based interventions in small group and one-to-one instruction
  • Complementing what is being taught in the classroom.

“Many TAs are walking into classes blind—they just have to listen to teachers talk to the class to figure out what they are supposed to be doing.”

TES Article

INSET Outline

Supporting Learning Activities as a Teaching Assistant

  • Using research findings to clarify the TA role & Best Practice.
  • Complementing learning objectives & outcomes in the classroom: The need to knows (EEF)
  • Planning high quality one-to-one and small group interventions
  • Motivation: How a focus on skills can improve learning outcomes

Developing pupils Independence & self-regulation

  • Techniques to foster emotional self-regulation.
  • Strategies to develop independent and reflective learning skills.
  • A focus on academic talk & vocabulary
  • Scaffolding & achievable targets

Improving Literacy, Oracy & Numeracy skills

  • Evidence-based numeracy & Literacy approaches
  • Oral language interventions to build oracy in the classroom

Positive Behaviour Management strategies in the classroom

  • Supporting the class teacher
  • Developing expectations, clarity and consistency in learning relationships.
  • Understanding positive behaviour management strategies
  • Supporting the school approach to behaviour management with confidence.

Are you responsible for the TAs and LSA’s in your School ?

We have a number of high practical specialist training courses for support staff- take a look for at our TA and LSA INSET courses ready to book for your school.

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This was one of the best INSETs we have ever had!

Andy Iturralde, Teaching Assistant, Claremont Fan Court School
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