INSET : Excellent Teaching & Learning for ISI

preparing for inspection

Thank you for such an informative day

Rob Thornton, Head, Notre Dame Prep School


Presenting how to achieve ISI defined Excellent Teaching

  • Are you clear on what ISI Inspectors are looking for?
  • Are you clear on the changes to the ISI criteria for inspection?
  • How do you support teachers making the transition from good and excellent ?
  • Are all pupils engaged, making progress or inspired and challenged in lessons?
  • Can you demonstrate how teaching is making a difference in your school?

The answers to these question are developed in full on this essential course for preparing for an ISI visit. Delivered to lead teams, departments or the whole school staff, the course dispels misconceptions, clarifies the criteria and shares the theory and research behind the ISI approach. The course sets out what excellent teaching looks like and how it can be identified and strengthened throughout the school.

INSET Outline

The inspectors view: What are they looking for?
Progress, planning and feedback: The expectations and requirements.
What Excellent looks like: What makes a lesson excellent or outstanding?
Moving from Good to Excellent or outstanding in all lessons.
How ISI inspections are structured.
The ISI framework and changes in the criteria.
How teaching can make a difference.

Who is this course for?

This course can be delivered with a focus on teaching practice to departments, teaching teams or a whole school staff. It can also be delivered to lead teams and middle management with more focus on observing and evaluating teaching practice, supporting and developing colleagues and departments. Please use our form below to give detail on your requirements.

To register an interest or raise any questions about his course please use the registration form below or use our Enquiries page.

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