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Joe Thackway, Head, Crescent School

Improving Pupil Outcomes across the school

The quality of education in a school is judged by the impact it has on pupil outcomes as is the effectiveness of school leadership. The general perception among politicians, policy makers and the public at large is that head teachers can make a difference to the progress their students make at school. After all it is often head teachers who pay the ultimate price when schools are deemed to be failing.

Impact of School Leadership on Pupil Outcomes

Robinson (2009) found that the leadership team can have the greatest impact on pupil outcomes by promoting and participating in teacher learning and development, something we encourage in all our JMC leadership courses.

School inspection frameworks have moved away from a series of lesson observations where the teacher was expected to “perform” for the Inspector whilst they completed a check list of such things as “uses interactive whiteboard” and “AfL”; they now focus much more closely on the pupils. Pupil voice should be ignored at a teacher’s peril!

This course will help your staff acclimatise to the new order: it’s not about you any more, it’s about them: it’s about pupils outcomes, not teacher performance.

INSET Outline

Evaluation – where are we now and where do we want to be?

This session will provide an insight into developing a vision for your school or department and will reflect on the necessary components to raise the profile and impact of teaching across the whole curriculum. We will consider how to use data effectively, how to engage staff in the observation process and examine how best to self-evaluate.

Improving Pupils’ academic and other achievements

• Life without levels – how to show progression
• High impact strategies for raising achievement
• Stretching the most able
• Differentiation and Independent learning
• Strategies to improve teaching, learning and assessment
• Providing the evidence to demonstrate successful outcomes

Improving Pupils’ personal development

• Strategies for improving and enabling personal development
• Effective marking and feedback systems which enable pupils to understand and improve their learning
• Sharing ideas on effective marking and feedback systems
• Classroom approaches to developing pupil’s self-discipline and resilience
• Providing the evidence to demonstrate success

Reflections and planning for the future

Your staff will have an opportunity to develop their own action plan for their school and department ready to hit the ground running the very next day after the training. An opportunity for self – reflection and planning of where to go next and how to get there as well as some of the key messages from the day.

“Lots of things I can use directly back at the ranch”

Lesley Gardner, Assistant Head, Swanlea School

As with all our courses this INSET can be booked to be delivered in your school.

This course is currently also offered by JMC as a day conference for the ISA

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