Leaders day : Preparing for an ISI compliance Inspection (including Boarding)

Very useful practical tips and information. Some immediate take home actions.

Abingdon School

• Is your school legal?
• Do you know the rules, and are you following them?
• How fast can you prove it?
• Where is your evidence and is it easily accessible?
• How current is your Self Evaluation Form – and who wrote it anyway?
• When an inspector calls, who will know what, what will they have forgotten and what will they later wish they had said?

There is no time not to be ready.

What really matters to government is whether or not schools are compliant with all the regulations by which they are bound. However different from each other independent schools may be, they should be absolutely united in their compliance with the Independent School Standards and Regulations (ISSR) and – for boarding schools – the National Minimum Standards (NMS).
In recent years there have been unexpected problems with compliance. Hence the new demand for more frequent inspections and at shorter notice. At least every 3 years, ‘brought forward’ if there is reasonable cause, so you cannot relax if your school was inspected last term.

This leaders day will offer practical steps to ensure your school is inspection-ready every day.

Leaders Day Outline

Outline of a typical inspection

• The phone call
• What will be looked at during and before?
• Who will be met?
• Timings
• How are lessons judged?

Making sure you are compliant

• What evidence do inspectors gather on the quality of middle and senior leadership?
• What are the expectations from class -teachers during the inspection?
• How is the spiritual, moral, social, cultural development of pupils judged?
• What are the current requirements for safeguarding in schools?
• How should teachers, departments and the school promote “British values”?


• Make time
• Provide resources
• Tolerate no sacred cows
• Raise awareness
• Hot spots – Complaints, Safeguarding, SCR
• Publicise progress
• Then do it again

Excellent Pupil outcomes for all

What are the requirements for your subject area / department to be compliant in T&L?
– Teaching and learning
– Pupil progress
– Personal development

Boarding compliance (optional)

• The National minimum standards
• 64 ways to get it wrong!
• Judging the impact of boarding life on the quality of education

This course is also offered as a day conference for SATIPS and can be found here

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