All of us found it a very useful ‘dress rehearsal’ for the real thing!

Piers Heyworth,  Headmaster Manor Prep

Getting to grips with the EQI focus on Outcomes for Pupils

• How will your school fare in the EQI framework?
• Can your staff readily identify the outcomes they seek?
• Can they ensure they emerge in the classroom?
• Will they provide the evidence that they did?

Question: What really matters in a classroom?
Answer: What comes out of it – now identified for the latest ISI inspection process as ‘Outcomes for Pupils’.

This was always true – the aim of great teaching was not to be applauded and take a bow; it was to ensure that pupils left the classroom with better understanding of new material, confident consolidation of previous learning, enthusiasm and curiosity to continue and come back for more. It was never about us, it was always about them.

The latest incarnation of an ISI inspection, short, sharp and at very short notice, sharpens the focus and makes explicit their interest in the ‘Outcomes for Pupils’ – any day, anywhere, any lesson, any activity – what are the outcomes for pupils?

Schools will need to change their focus to be seen at their best. The 8 targets for achievement, and the further 8 for personal development will not be new to schools, but they will now be ‘up front and personal’, rather than taken for granted and ‘presumed present until proved absent.’ Inspectors in classrooms will no longer be noting broad summaries of good and less good practice from staff and pupils. They will be filtering what they see through a template that allows them to judge outcomes for pupils against 16 specific expectations.

This training will prepare your whole staff for what to expect in an ISI EQ Inspection.

Alternatively you might want to arrange a ‘Mock’ Inspection with our highly qualified and experienced Inspection Team.

Inspection INSET Outline

The EQI Focus: Outcomes

• This is your lesson – how do you define ‘outcomes’?
• Identifying and developing the contribution you/your lesson makes to outcomes for students.
• Creating a culture of self-reflection and evaluation with ‘outcomes’ in mind
• Using lesson observation to drive improvements in ‘outcomes’ for all students
• Harnessing pupil voice to inform and confirm better practice

Raising Pupil Achievement

• The Big 8 – knowing the targets
• High impact strategies for raising achievement
• Stretching the most able
• Differentiation and Independent learning
• Providing the evidence to demonstrate success

Excellent Personal Development

• The Second Big 8 – knowing the targets, and how and when to include them
• Strategies for improving and enabling personal development
• Creating a culture where pupils understand and accept how to improve their own learning
• Classroom approaches to developing pupil’s self-discipline and resilience
• Providing the evidence to demonstrate success

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